BAD BUNNY – BOOKER T (Video Oficial)


BAD BUNNY – BOOKER T (Video Oficial) es el video musical de la canción «BOOKER T» del famoso artista puertorriqueño Bad Bunny. El video muestra a Bad Bunny en una variedad de escenarios, desde un gimnasio hasta un ring de lucha libre, aludiendo al homenaje a la leyenda de la lucha libre afroamericana Booker T. El vídeo refleja la energía y el estilo distintivo de Bad Bunny, combinando elementos de la cultura pop, la moda y la música urbana. Con imágenes vibrantes y coreografías impresionantes, el video oficial de «BOOKER T» es una representación visual impactante que complementa perfectamente la canción. Ayy, ayy I’ll make them dance «La Pelúa» (Woo) And whoever doesn’t dance, mess up their hair (Ayy) Sons of a bit*, don’t provoke me Read the numbers so that you educate yourself (Woo) I don’t make songs, I make anthems so that they don’t expire (Ayy)

In this genre, I was a hadouken (Ayy, ayy, ayy) And they became extinct like the dinosaurs (Prr, ah) Before you turn me off, the sun will turn off We came up and broke the elevator (Ah) The prep that Barbasol threw them Ah, damn Bad Bunny

Now I look at you all from above and from afar, ayy I don’t answer DMs, no, talk to my management But they’ll also ignore I promise, I didn’t want to become a killer, ayy (Ah, ah, ah) I fuc**d all of my crushes, shh,

I’m getting bored of fuc**ng too (Eyy, rra) And I’m a milly without using Richard (Ayy) Yankee will retire and we’ll switch (Ah) I’m going to be the boss, and they’re going to sign me My name is always going to be heard Because I’m at my peak (Ayy)

Because I’m at my peak (I’m at my peak) I’m a king, champion, Booker T (Woo, woo, woo) Because I’m at my peak (Ay) Because I’m at my peak, ha (I’m at my peak) Look at what I became (Look at me, look at me) My composer award bothers you all

But it’s like no one composes anymore None of these people write their own songs so don’t get excited (Ooh) The most-sold album this fucking year (Ayy) I took you guys to school, the whole world trying to make its sequel They stay in line, no one strains me (Ayy)

Shake it, brown-skinned girl, shake it Shake it, brown-skinned girl, eh Bad Bunny took all the awards and the bastard didn’t even go (Eh) You all paying to go viral (Ayy) Me hitting my songs without doing promo for them (Promo) People ask how (How?)

Since I was a kid, they know how we are, I never ask for Tenki I’m coco, you guys baking (Woo) Booker T throwing me a breaking I’m at my peak, bastard (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy) I’m going to stay at my peak, bastard, ayy I’m a king, champion,

Booker T, ayy (Booker T) I’m at my peak (I’m at my peak) And I’m going to stay at my peak, ayy Look at me, that you what? that you what? Nah-nah Bastard, you’re fake Can you dig it, sucker? Ayy, ayy Ayy I’m not even going to show off, repeat it, bastard

So that you see that I’m really fuc**ng good

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