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Sinopsis: La película de acción de Kung Fu «Salvando la Ciudad de la Paz» toma el período de la República de China como …

«Salvando la Ciudad de la Paz» es una emocionante película de acción de Kung Fu que sigue la historia de un valiente maestro de artes marciales que se embarca en una misión para salvar su ciudad de la destrucción. Con una combinación de impresionantes secuencias de pelea, intriga y drama, esta película ofrece una experiencia cinematográfica llena de emocionantes momentos.

La trama se centra en la lucha del maestro por proteger su ciudad natal de un malvado villano que busca sembrar el caos y el miedo. Con la ayuda de sus habilidades de Kung Fu y su valentía inquebrantable, el protagonista se enfrenta a desafíos cada vez más peligrosos mientras lucha por la justicia y la paz.

La película está repleta de escenas de acción espectaculares, coreografiadas de manera impresionante, que mantendrán a los espectadores al borde de sus asientos. Además, la trama está llena de giros inesperados y momentos emocionantes que mantendrán al público comprometido desde el principio hasta el final.

Con una combinación de impresionantes efectos visuales y una narrativa emocionante, «Salvando la Ciudad de la Paz» ofrece una experiencia cinematográfica que dejará al público satisfecho y emocionado. No te pierdas esta emocionante película de acción de Kung Fu, completa en español y en alta definición. Closed Captions were added by Moxi Media. Ziyang Media, Lajin Entertainment, Guoguang East Network, Zhengda Media & Jiuhu Media present. It was a dark age under the rule of Beiyang Government. It was full of warlords and the society was in chaos. Consortiums, bandits and arms dealers ruled the whole world.

While there was a bunch of people who had justice tried to change the world. Because they believed that Justice can finally beat the evil. Executive Producers: Zou Qian Du Songlei Wang Jianping Han Tianjun. Produced by: Shi Jun Du Songlei. Yan Jie, Zhao Cong, He Xiang.

Liu Fengchao, Bi Yicheng, Wang Yanming, Zhang Jingwei. Screenplay by: Guo Shuai, Zhang Jingwei, Liu Zihe. Directed by: Liu Zihe. Does anyone want to raise the price? Yes. 10,000 more. 42,000 in total. You raised your own price. Couldn’t I? Of course yes. But I should remind you first.

Is this your first time to be here? Let me explain the rules to you. All my guests here have fortune and reputation. If anyone who want to mess it up. To disappoint us. I am going to teach him a lesson. It seems you’re the boss here. Don’t worry. I never break my words.

I get the girl. You get the money. Deal. Guards. Yes. Take the girl to his home. And bring my money back. Yes, madam. Hold on. You regret? Not yet. I think she isn’t worth that much. 42,000. I want you. You can’t afford my price. Wait a second. Money is not the point.

I have a family heirloom. It is priceless. Look at this. Is it enough? He is a police. I don’t think they fit me. Stop him. Yes. Big Head, you’re late. Late? I’ve tried my best. Ask them to hurry up. Move. Save those girls inside first. Yes, sir. Move, fast. Hurry. Get in. Move.

Come up. Why? To put my hands in your handcuffs? I can’t hold you any more. You save my life today. I owe you one. You can’t afford my price. What are you going to do? To beat me? How can I do that? Tell me. Where had you been last night? Last night?

I was on a case. I saved dozens of girls. You saved people? XOXO? You have women’s perfume on you. Don’t mention that. The procuress I met last night. Had god kung fu. She almost killed me. Do you know that. You were carried back by Big Head and Yang Xu last night.

You just looked like a dead pig. I know you’re worried about me. I am ok. Don’t worry. Stop it. Seriously. How about You ask Zhang not to Send you to do such a dangerous case? Sure. I’ll ask him. I know. Come. What’s wrong? Don’t move. Let me see if my son kicks you.

Fool. It is too early to hear him. Hush. Who is calling? Go ahead. Hello? You wake up? Director Zhang. Anything wrong? Thank you for calling me. I am ok now. Are you free later? Yes. Come to my office then. Now? Yes, right now. Ok. Who’s on the phone? Director Zhang. What’s wrong?

There may something urgent in the office. I have to go now. This early? Have your breakfast. I am running out of time. How about you resign? 18 bucks a month. Tons of cases. I have no choice. I am a police. Byebye. Hold on. Take it. Heat it in your office.

Cool food is harmful to your stomach. I’ll have supper with you. Don’t be late. Ok. Release them right now. Yes, sir. Hurry up. Yes, sir. I’ll do it right now. Let them go. What? Let them go. Well. What we have done is in vain? Is there another choice for me?

You get out first. You can’t understand, can you? Yes, I can. You’re the Sheriff. I am the Sheriff. Yes, you’re right. Take it easy. If you hadn’t covered me and got shot. How could you be a Sheriff? You’re damn right. I really want to quit. Bring me some water. Hurry.

I have something to talk. Listening. Last night. The invitation cost me 1000. I can’t afford that. You needn’t to pay. Do you know how much booty we had? How much? 100,000. Such a big cake. Who owns that? Tian Long. Master. I’ve heard this man recently. From what I know.

All those black markets in Jiang City. Include the human traffic market you seized last night. Probably belong to him. No one supervises him? Supervise? Too many officials have taken his bribes. Their relationship is complicated. He is a big fish. What’s more. I’ve heard that. He has four good assassins. All of them.

Were saved by him. They’re loyal to him. Commander Gao. A good sniper. He is in charge of arms sales. An unsuccessful warlord. Liu Yidao. In charge of opium business. Good at assassination. Many uncooperative men. Were missing without any reason. Probably he did that. One of them is called Ruan Linglong. Last night.

You probably met her. You never make any mistake before. If I lose something. It’s not a big deal. If my reputation is hurt. We would have nothing left. Understand. Yes. While the last one among them. I don’t have any information in my hands. It is said that. Only Tian Long. Knows about him.

No one got survive if he. Knew anything about him. I want to erase Tian Long. No, no, no. My dear Sheriff Zhang. Don’t ever let me get involved. I am a little cop. I am paid 18 bucks per month. My wife is pregnant now. Go, go, go. Well. It is my office.

I have to go. Sheriff. Why do you piss off? By the way. I would never allow any crime happen in Jiang City. You. Please stop making any trouble for me. Well. Come to my office later. I have some bird’s nest. Take it to your wife. Who give you that?

Well, do you want it or not? Of course. Why not? You. Sheriff. What’s wrong? We got an information that there is an opium trade tonight. I know. Well them. You have a work to do. Watch out, be careful. Take it. Come on. Hurry up. Be quick. Put it in order.

Hurry up, follow me. Follow me. Hurry up. Don’t move. Squat down. Stop. Don’t move. Stop. Squat down. Officer. What happened? What’s inside? Some…some medical herbs. Open it. Sir. All these goods. Were checked before. I have to check it again. Sir, please. Please, sir. Well. Sir. It is a gift. My master gives you.

Please accept his kindness. Your master is rich. Who is he? Tian Long. Bring my gratitude back. The goods. Are seized. I’ve never met a law-abiding police like you. You may not hear me clearly. My master. Is Tian Long. If no one obeys the laws. Why should our country has them?

While about your master, Tian Long. I don’t know about him. Big Head. Yes. Take him away. Yes, sir. Hold on. Dare you please. Tell me your name? Jiang City Police Station. Yao Tingsen. Any question? No. About the goods. You can take them away. But. You take all the responsibility.

If you have any problem. Come to tell me. Take him away. Move. I know. Brother. Director Zhou ordered us to take the goods back. What? No way. We’d better follow the order. Or we can’t explain when we get back. Zhao Yuan. Sir. Bring the gasoline here. Yes, sir. Burn it down.

Are you sure? It is what he said. I am sure. He told me his name was Yao Tingsen. Bring Liu Yidao here. Yes. Big Head. Come on, refill your cup. Cheers. Good. Refill your cups. Enough? Cheers. Come on. Cheers. Who is there? A document from police station. It’s so late. Coming.

Brother Sen, It’s enough. Let’s go home. Let’s go. You cheat. No. Come on. Be careful. Watch out. Never cheat on the table. Big Head. You’re dishonesty. Listen. When we come to the bar next time. You must be on the level. We brothers. Brothers. Big Head. Wow. Big Head.

Why does your head get big? It is in the bar. Don’t cheat. You guys… Come to my home. Let’s continue. Sure. Okay. All of you. Big Head. Big Head. You can’t get drunk. Your head is getting bigger and bigger. Don’t cheat this time. Yes, sir. I am home. I am home. Look.

Your sister-in-law opens the door for me. Be careful. Ok, ok, you go home. Brother, let me… Wan Jing. Wan Jing. Wan Jing. Wan Jing. Wan Jing. Wan Jing. Wan Jing. I am fine. Don’t worry. Stop it. What’s going on? Sheriff Zhang has been taken away by Director Zhou. Take away? Why?

To be investigated. He has been put in confinement. Dear. Wait for me. Captain. Let’s go. Master. What’s wrong? There are some cops. Ask housekeeper Wang. To lead them the way. How about me? They are good at fighting. I am worried about him. You are worried about him? Or someone else?

Let housekeeper Wang go. If he was killed by those cops. I would like to say thanks. The smell. What’s wrong, brother? Big Head. Wait for me outside. Sir, are you going to get your hair cut? Or get your face shaved? Get my face shaved. This way. I haven’t met you before.

Are you non-local? No. I am a businessman here. Doing a little business. All my guests. Are not normal. They are either officials. Or bandits. You’re wrong. I am neither an officer. Nor a bandit. If you are not come to me. You’re my guest. You’re joking. Why should I come to you? Your soap

Smells good. I make it myself. It must be delicate. It is my first time to use such a good soap. It is made from the oil of camellia. It is good for sleep. What a pity! Even such a good soap. Can not cover. The cigarette smell on your hands. Not bad.

You got good moves. Did you kill Wan Jing? You are the cop. You must want to know. What your wife said. Before she went to die. She told me she was pregnant. She kneeled and begged. She begged me to let her go. For God’s sake. You didn’t see that. What a pathetic woman!

Do you want to know. If your wife brought you a girl or a boy? Withdraw. Brother Sen, save me. Brother, save me. Brother. Move. Move. Master, he is here. Gentlemen, welcome to my place. I haven’t shown you. My best greeting. Please. Pardon me. I haven’t given you any invitation.

You thought there was your territory? Did you ask that guy. To kill my wife? Oh. I am sincerely sorry for that. Just now. I was praying for her. I almost forget to tell you that. In my territory. Killing a people is legal. Big Head. Big Head. Quiet. Big Head. Be quiet.

We’re in a church. I take the whole responsibility. Let my brothers go. Alright. I’d prefer to. Shoot you first. Don’t forget. You’re killing a police. Police? Police. In Jiang City. I am your god. You thought you can. Decide everything here. Look. What an unperceptive man! Come. Today. I teach you a lesson.

Most of my enemies in Jiang City. Were dead. Those who are still alive. Have accepted my bribes. Where and how much. I’ve kept in my notebook. You want to challenge me? Are you mad? Let me go. Let me go, please. Please. Look. Your man is more perceptive than you. Are you afraid

Of me? He isn’t. And there are too many people like him in Jiang City. I want to let you go. While if I do that. It will break my rules. How can I convince people. Sorry. Let me go. Don’t move. Zhao Yuan. Bye. Zhao Yuan. Zhao Yuan. Zhao Yuan. Bastard. Just kill me.

Let my brother go. If I want to warn the others by killing someone. You’re not even my choice. I want you to be alive. I need you to tell the people in Jiang City. What happened here today. They should listen to me. Or. He is the example. Go ahead.

To regain your lost reputation. I kill with my knife. I heard from Liu Yidao. Your wife was pregnant. When she got killed. Now I send you to see them underground. It’s my merit. Damn. I never kill people twice. Let me do you a favor. I own his life. It’s not your turn.

It seems today is not his last day. How about. We let him go? No. It’s my taboo that I fail to get his blood at the first time. I must kill him. Or it is inauspicious for me. Master. Let me lock him up today. I’ll find a good time tomorrow. To kill him.

Sure. My girl seems to be. Fall in love with you. Well. I give you two more days. Let’s enjoy the time. Sen. We were dying. Don’t worry. We can get out of here. Do you come up with an idea? Shut up, just go. Move. Move. Who is coming? Two little friends.

Look like a gentleman. You just disturbed me. Sorry I didn’t see you. Sorry? Show them how to apologize. What do you want to do? Remember? Please take it easy. We know the rule. Come in. Master. I am here. Why didn’t you kill him? Master. I missed it today. Master.

I was sold to the brothel as I was a kid. I killed my first guest. I was put into prison. They killed my parents. You came to Peace Town and saved me. You avenged me. From then on. I am yours. I know you’re a grateful woman. You must remember. From now on.

Never cheat me again. Your body belongs to me. As well as Your heart. If there is someone else in your heart. I have no choice but to kill him. Or to kill you. Understand? Yes. Hey, why do you roam around at midnight? Have some water. Go to your bed? Fatty.

Why do you come earlier today? My boss went to Jiang City. There were many leftovers. Sen. Hush. Get it in. Time for dinner. Wu. You’re new here? Yes. It’s yours. Sen, hurry to eat. We can run away as we are full. I’ve been here for a long time.

I’ve never had such delicious food. Thanks to you. Maybe it’s your last meal. Enjoy. At least you can enjoy the time tonight. [Come to you at 3:00–Ling Long.] As you ordered. It’s prepared. Get out of Peace Town tonight. Never come back. Sen. Sen. Sir. Thank you very much.

Why do you call me sir now? Sir, you saved my life. It doesn’t matter. You’d better find an excuse first. To explain what you did. Sir. You don’t know that. The Peace Prison is different from the prisons outside. Most of the prisoners. Were locked here because of Tian Long and his four assassins.

In this prison. No one will care about a murder case. Sir. Thanks to you today. From now on. I’d like to do anything for you. Well. I’m going to die before you. I don’t think so. Sheriff. You’re back. Where are the others? I am on duty tonight. The others were at home.

I don’t care if you give them a call on the phone or face to face. I want you to gather all of them. Together at police station. Right now, move. Yes, sir. Come. Get in. Go, go, go. Done. I know there is a back door. Follow me. Move. You. Son of bitch.

You almost shot at me. Why are you here? Are you mad? You open fire, you are found. He just… What should I do? Commander Gao is in charge of the Peace Town safety. He is a tough guy to be dealt with. He is on his way here. Follow me. Move. Move. Commander.

Prisoners have run away. What? Get them. Move. Hurry up. Make way. Make way. Make way. Move. Listen. Let’s separate. We meet at the South Gate. You go with Yang Xu. Sure. Let’s go. You cheated them. You don’t want to leave, do you? I come here to kill Tian Long.

If I don’t make it. I’ll go nowhere. I don’t want to. Sacrifice my brother’s life. I am with you. I don’t allow you to do that. You can’t challenge Tian Long. I said. I’ll go nowhere. If I knew this. I shouldn’t have saved you. Well. Let’s fight. You can go if you win.

If you lose. You must get out of Peace Town. Sure. Let’s do it. Watch out. Move, get them. Stop. Stop. Stop. Yang Xu. Yang Xu. Yang Xu. Sir. He… He is… Yang Xu. Ting Sen. What happened? Where are the others? They’re dead. Dead. Director Zhou released me at midnight.

I came here with all the brothers. Yang Xu. You brought Sheriff Zhang here? We got separated. I kept running out of the town. I met this officer. He told me he knew you. I brought him here. It means. You just arrived at Peace Town. Sorry, Ting Sen. I am late. How could it

Be here before? You killed Yang Xu. Tell me why did you do that? Why? He died because of himself. Yang Xu. Sheriff. Why are you here? Director Zhou released me. I came here with the other brothers. What’s going on here? Tian Long was killed because of resisting arrest. Well, where is Ting Sen?

He is trapped by commander Gao. Go, lead me the way. Sure. Hold on. Tian Long said he had a notebook. He wrote down all the names he had bribed. Where? I can get it. Got it. Thank you, brother. Thanks to you. Or I don’t know there is such a notebook. Thank you.

Since you’ve got the notebook. Why do you come back? To laugh at me? Or come to kill me. To cover your crimes? No. We’re brothers since we were kids. I never want to kill you. Shut up. Don’t call me brother. If we were brothers. Could you instigate me to kill Tian Long?

If we were brothers. How could you shoot at A colleague who has been worked with you for years? If we were brothers. How could you run roughshod over the law? Ting Sen. I have my reasons. Tian Long. He once was a little punk. You can see what he has today. Everything.

He gets everything with my help. When he owns everything. He starts to ignore me. To be honest. I have a share. In each of his business. Now everything has changed. He was dead. I own everything instead. No. Not mine. It’s ours. What do you want? What about Wan Jing?

She was out of my plan. It was an accident. She was pregnant. Stop. Put your guns down. Put down. Ting Sen. Wake up. I could shoot you. Do you know why I didn’t do that? That guy was dead. I have the notebook. Do you know what does it mean?

It means I am no longer a little Sheriff. I can become a director soon. And even a mayor. I can make a compensation for Wan Jing. What else do you want? Money? I can give you half of his business. If you want an official position. I can buy you one.

As the same as mine. Well, well, well. Woman. If you allowed. I can provide you ten wives. Twenty. Even a hundred if you want. How can you change into this? No matter who I am. You’re always my brother. My brothers. Were dead. Let me introduce.

He is the leader of Tian Long’s four assassins. Sun Wu. I asked him to serve Tian Long before. I was worried about Tian Long to betray me. Actually. I arranged him to help you in prison. Now. It’s a pity. Kill him. What I have promised to him is all yours. Move. Go.

Get them. Move, fast. Hurry. Let me delay them. You get those police. Ok. Shoot him. Big Head,Big Head,Big Head. Continue? Come on. Cheers. I’ve told you. Your life. Belongs to me. Is it worth to do that? Can I have another choice? [Original Song «Chuang Tian Ya»] ♪ You enjoy your life alone.

♪ But you just can take a glance of the fantastic world. ♪ Just let it go when you suffer the pain. ♪ A good man should be magnanimous. ♪ Blood can’t even dye your hair into red. ♪ To be good or bad depends on your heart.

♪ Come with me to see the wide world. ♪ No matter it is true or false. ♪ The yellow sand extends to the horizon. ♪ While it can’t bury the direction of my hope. ♪ Love is the biggest in the universe. ♪ It terminates the evil and keeps the good.

♪ You enjoy the world alone. ♪ But you just can take a glance of the fantastic world. ♪ Just let it go when you suffer the pain. ♪ A good man should be magnanimous. ♪ Blood can’t even dye your hair into red. ♪ To be good or bad depends on your heart.

♪ Come with me to see the wide world. ♪ No matter it is true or false. ♪ The yellow sand extends to the horizon. ♪ While it can’t bury the direction of my hope. ♪ Love is the biggest in the universe. ♪ It terminates the evil and keeps the good.

♪ The yellow sand extends to the horizon. ♪ While it can’t bury the direction of my hope. ♪ Love is the biggest in the universe. ♪ It terminates the evil and keeps the good. ♪ It terminates the evil and keeps the good.


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